Want to know how to get a women’s initiative in your firm or law department off the ground? Or are you looking to elevate an already-existing women’s initiative to an even higher level?

    If so, NAWL’s inaugural Boot Camp on Women’s Initiatives for Legal Departments and Law Firms is for you. Our program is designed to explore a more strategic approach to crafting and implementing women’s initiatives, and it directly supports the NAWL Challenge to increase the percentage of women equity partners and chief legal officers to at least 30%.

    In 2012, the NAWL Foundation released the first-ever National Survey of Women’s Initiatives: The Strategy, Structure And Scope of Women’s Initiatives in Law Firms, which provided benchmark data about the types of activities that women’s affinity groups in law firms undertake, the funding, oversight, and expectations for such groups, and the factors that enhance or impede the success of women’s initiatives. NAWL’s Leadership Boot Camp will utilize the Survey by combining hands-on learning with insights and guidance to help develop women’s affinity groups’ leaders and help them select high-impact activities to maximize their women’s initiative’s influence and to yield better business outcomes. This unique and intimate program held at the Historic Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY is specifically designed for current and future leaders of corporate and law firm women’s affinity groups.

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