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Nebraska lawmaker resigns over tweet calling women's march protesters too ugly to be sexually assaulted

Kristen Bellstrom writes, "A Nebraska state senator has stepped down after retweeting a message that implied that participants in the Women's March on Washington were too unattractive to be sexually assaulted.

Republican Sen. Bill Kintner held a press conference at the state Capitol to announced his resignation on Wednesday. According to the Associated Press, his announcement came less than a hour before his fellow lawmakers were scheduled to debate whether he should be expelled from the body.

On Sunday, Kintner retweeted a post from conservative radio host Larry Elder that showed a photo of female protesters holding signs that referenced Donald Trump's Access Hollywood tape boasts about sexually assaulting women. Above the image, Elder wrote, 'Ladies, I think you're safe.' (The original tweet has since been deleted.)

The retweet provoked immediate outrage online and the AP reports that Kintner’s office eventually released a statement saying, 'By retweeting a message, I was not implying support for putting women in fear of their personal safety. I took down the retweet as soon as I became aware that it was being misconstrued.'"



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