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Kerry Washington speaks out against racism and sexism in Hollywood: "It requires courage on all of our parts"

Sara Kitnick writes, "Kerry Washington has a long history of portraying strong complex women characters on screen.

'I look for work that makes us feel less alone not by forcing us to be part of one kind of hero's journey, but realizing that hero's come in many shapes and sizes and hues and genders and gender fluidities,' the actress recently shared at The Women of Sundance Brunch in Park City. 

Although it common now for there to be African American leads within television, Kerry explained that when she was first cast as the now iconic Olivia Pope in Scandal, ABC was celebrated for taking a risk.

'Black people consume content more than anybody else in this country, and women are 51 percent of the population, and so, why do we allow the myth of risk to exist?' she asks. 'When [Scandal] first aired, you started to see other studios use the language of taking a 'risk' in casting African American leads. And thankfully with the success of the show, I really have been empowered financially, logistically and professionally by a company that sees the value in story telling by 'other,' and for that I am grateful.'

But for Kerry, in becoming a producer, she's been able to create opportunity for those deserving of a seat at the table."


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