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Me, Jane

From Net-a-Porter's magazine The Edit: "BRIE LARSON: When I started acting I told people, “Filmmaking is my form of activism,” and they replied, “You’ve got to meet Jane. She will be your anchor.” I’ve felt the signs were pointing to you for years, so I’m honored to be having this conversation with you now.

JANE FONDA: Thank you, that means a lot.

BL: At what moment did you first identify as a feminist?

JF: I grew up in the ’50s and it took me a long time to apply feminism to my life. The men in my life were wonderful, but victims of a [patriarchal] belief system. I felt diminished. Eventually I decided I wasn’t going to give up who I was in order to please the man I was with. I became an embodied feminist when I was single and saw. Eve Ensler perform The Vagina Monologues. While I was laughing, my feminism carried from my head into my DNA. It took a long time, though, because I was brought up with the disease to please…

BL: A lot of women suffer from that disease."


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