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The UN has a new campaign to stop women from being 'robbed' of equal pay

Madeline Farber writes, "Women across the world only make $0.77 for every dollar a man earns for work of equal value—and the United Nations wants to #StoptheRobbery.

UN Women, an entity of the organization, launched a new, month-long campaign on Monday to raise awareness around the gender pay gap. People are invited to use the robbery hashtag to show their support for equal pay. To really drive home the fact most women are 'robbed' of an estimated 23% of their earnings, according to UN Women policy director Purna Sen, that same number of characters will be blacked out.

The campaign also encourages people to share their support for women’s economic empowerment, as it's a key part of achieving full gender equality, Sen told Fortune. 'The issue of pay inequality has pledged women for centuries. We want to use this campaign to speed up the time the world is responding to this issue,' she added."


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