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2016 Flexibility Benchmarking Survey Report

From the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance: "Consistent with its focus on bridging the gap between policy and practice, the Alliance embarked onthe Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Survey research initiative to uncover trends and bestpractices and to spark increased support among legal employers for flexibility for all their lawyers andstaff. The survey is designed to address the market gap in holistic data about flexibility in law firmsand to examine usage by gender, race, and sexual orientation. This year’s annual survey askedparticipant firms to provide data on:

1. The types of flexibility policies offered;

2. How well these policies are utilized;

3. The availability of flexible work for staff;

4. Parental leave policies for attorneys and staff;

5. Whether and how working flexibly affects promotion, compensation, and leadershipopportunities; and

6. How management of the flexibility program is spread throughout the firm.

As a baseline, the survey also collects data on the overall attorney population in the U.S. offices ofparticipating firms by demographic categories including level/position, gender, race, and sexualorientation. Highlights of the key findings from the survey are listed below with detailed data resultsconstituting the remainder of this report."


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