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Joe Biden's new 'It's On Us' PSA takes on rape culture

Madeline Farber writes, "On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted a new video PSA from the 'It's On Us' campaign — and it makes a compelling point about how easily rape culture can affect our daily conversations.

The video, titled 'Autocorrect,' makes real-time edits to a conversation two men have about a hook up. At the start of the conversation, one man asks the other if he remembers 'that drunk chick' he was talking to at a party. But as he's typing, 'talking to' autocorrects to 'targeting.' Then, as the first man explains that he 'had to encourage her a bit' in order to 'get some,' the text changes 'encourage' to 'force.' By the end, a voiceover in the video says: 'Don't ignore the subtext. It's on us to intervene in sexual assault.'

Biden echoed this sentiment in his tweet: 'The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period,' he wrote."


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