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Here's what getting 20% less than you deserve actually feels like

Valentina Zarya writes, "While most of us are aware that the gender wage gap exists, it's hard to fully grasp what that difference actually means for American women.

To paint a clearer picture, about 300 local businesses in 25 cities around the country will be offering 20% discounts to women this Tuesday to 'punctuate the impact it has on families,' says Rachel Thomas, president of the Sheryl Sandberg-founded nonprofit Lean In, which is spearheading the effort.

The idea behind the new initiative, aptly named #20PercentCounts, is to 'link [the pay gap] to simple, everyday purchases in local communities,' says Thomas. This way, the pay gap goes from being a nebulous idea to a reality—even if only for a day. The businesses participating include local pet supply stores, coffee shops and pizza shops.

Tuesday, April 4th marks the day in 2017 until which American women would have to work to earn as much as their male counterparts did in 2016. On this day—known as Equal Pay Day—women's organizations around the world will be shining a light, in a variety of ways, on what exactly the wage gap is and what it means for women's lives."


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