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NAWL Board President gives keynote at dedication of Cornell Law School auditorium

Leslie Richards-Yellen, President of the NAWL Board, delivered a keynote speech at the dedication of the new Cornell Law School Elizabeth Storey Landis Auditorium earlier this month. 

"I can assure that for over 113 years, NAWL has been involved in efforts to push women towards gender equality. Through an avalanche of possibilities, brought on by sustained effort, I believe that we are on the brink of tremendous breakthroughs for women," said Richards-Yellen. "What can you do to be more like Elizabeth Storey Landis? Will your efforts reverberate beyond the walls and the span of your lifetime?" she asked.

Elizabeth Storey Landis was a 1948 graduate of Cornell Law School who passed away in 2015. Landis worked extensively in African law and independence, and was the third ever female editor in chief of the Cornell Law Review.


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