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What happens when women legislate

Brittany Bronson writes, "Cheaper tampons. Office breaks to pump breast milk. No co-pay on birth control. 
These are not the talking points of a ladies' happy hour. They are among the State Senate and Assembly bills being considered in the Nevada Legislature. Not only were the bills designed solely with women in mind, they each were sponsored by a female lawmaker.

At 39.7 percent, Nevada now ranks near the top for women's representation in state politics, second only to Vermont. The bills women are bringing to the State Senate floor this session range from the annual ranking of companies by how fairly they pay men and women to arguably the most historic--the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. 

The state legislature is a testimony to what many who study gender inequality in politics theorize to be true: Increased gender representation directly translates into better consideratoin of women in the drafting of law and policy."


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