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How you can start boosting your career your first day on the job

Tey Scott writes, "When I graduated college, I immediately set out to build a successful brand. As any CEO will tell you, no brand is built without the help, knowledge, and experience of others. I knew that once I had an idea of my goals, I had to make sure I had the right people in place to help me achieve them.

While I didn’t have a name for them at the time, I have always valued a specific group of people who were early investors and directors of my success. They were people whom I knew I could go to when I needed advice or just a space to vent. This novel concept of creating your own “board of directors” seemed to fit perfectly into what I had already formed with this group.


Over the years, those relationships have become completely reciprocal. Periodically I’ll ping them for advice, and when I do, I always ask how I can help in return. Leverage your network to keep moving forward—and don’t feel bad, because someday you’ll have the chance to return the favor."


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