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NAWL Board Member Lauri Damrell speaks to LA Times about equal pay

Lauri Damrell, NAWL Board Member-at-Large and Partner at Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe, was quoted in a recent LA Times article highlighting the gender gap in state government salaries. In California, a state lauded for 2015 updates to equal pay legislation, there remains a wider pay gap between male and female state employees than in federal civil service and the state's private sector. As the LA Times notes, "the report by California's Department of Human Resources. which surveyed state worker pay in 2014, estimated that California wouldn't close its gender pay gap until 2044."

Resolving the disparity, however, is a complicated issue, which Ms. Damrell recognizes. From the LA Times: "'Getting there is not just a matter of legislatoin,' said Lauri Damrell, an employment lawyer and the co-chair of the state's Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. 'It's a matter of getting our cultural norms to catch up.'"


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