From sex object to gritty woman: the evolution of women in stock photos

    By: Clair Fuller on Sep 11, 2017

    Claire Cain Miller writes, "In 2007, the top-selling image for the search term 'woman' in Getty Image’s library of stock photography was a naked woman lying on a bed, gazing at the camera with a towel draped over her bottom half.

    In 2017, it’s a woman hiking a rocky trail in Banff National Park, alone on the edge of a cliff high above a turquoise lake. She’s wearing a down jacket and wool hat, and her face isn’t visible.

    'It really feels like an image about power, about freedom, about trusting oneself,' said Pam Grossman, director of visual trends at Getty Images. 'Who cares what you even look like? Let’s focus on what you’re doing.'

    Stock photos — generic images that appear in places like ads, billboards, magazines and blogs — reflect the culture at a moment in time.

    Over the last decade, the most sold images from Getty for the search term “women” have evolved from photos of mostly naked models to active women to ones in which women’s appearance is beside the point.

    In 2017, based on the Getty photos most chosen by marketers and the media, to be a woman is to be on your own, physically active and undeterred by either sweat or circuit boards."


    Released: September 11, 2017, 10:13 am
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