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Expectant mom is denied extra time to breast pump during February bar exam

Debra Cassens Weiss write, "An expectant mother who plans to take the Illinois bar exam a month after she gives birth to her child has been denied extra time to breast pump. Kristin Pagano, a California lawyer who recently moved to Illinois with her husband, plans to breastfeed her newborn. Her due date is in January and the bar exam is scheduled for February. Her request for an accommodation was denied in a Nov. 6 letter, report Above the Law and the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

"The letter informed Pagano she could bring the breast pump and supplies, though they may be inspected. Pagano will be advised of the nearest family restroom, and a chair will be provided there for her convenience, the letter said. While she can pump during the exam, no extra time will be provided, according to the letter, posted in full at Above the Law."

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