Can Hollywood change its ways?

    By: Kelsey Vuillemot on Jan 08, 2018

    Dana Goodyear writes, "'I'm calling it the Purge,' a friend who works in Hollywood told me, a few days into the post-Weinstein era. Off the top of his head, he listed half a dozen men in the entertainment business whose behavior, he hoped, would no longer be condoned. In the weeks to come, they started toppling, joined by others, in a seemingly never-ending cascade, the world’s longest domino trick. The morning-news anchor, the worldly talk-show host, the animation genius with the awful shirts, 'feminist' men, liberals, tortured artists, moguls, icons, 'bad boys,' funny guys, even the folksy curmudgeon from public radio: they are being fired; stepping down; awkwardly apologizing, engendering ridicule and pique; or defending themselves and inviting rage. Then, like a backward rapture, they disappear, with the tacit or expressed acknowledgment that this is not their time.

    Amy Ziering, a documentarian who has made films about sexual assault in the military and on college campuses and is now at work on one about Hollywood—suddenly, funding has materialized—told me, 'I’m stunned. I keep reading the headlines, thinking, Am I reading the Onion or the New York Times? ‘Man Accused of Assault and Fired!’ It’s surreal.'

    Early in November, a headline about someone suspended for sexual harassment caught my eye. Looking at the photo, I recognized him from a local playground; our kids are close in age. It was Andrew Kreisberg, who oversaw several DC Comics shows at Warner Bros., for Greg Berlanti. The comments following the story were damning—about the companies involved, about the culture of silence and denial, and about Kreisberg’s behavior, which allegedly included subjecting female colleagues to belittling remarks and uncomfortable physical situations."


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