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Study: Women Law Professors Cited More Often

Karen Sloan writes, "For years, evidence that scholarly research produced by women is cited less frequently than that written by men has fed concern about bias and women’s ability to advance within the academy. Fresh research concludes that the opposite is true in legal academia: There, women are cited at a higher rate than men in law review articles and are overrepresented among authors of the most-cited papers. 'In terms of gender disparity in citation to articles published in top 100 law reviews, the evidence, on net, is that female-authored articles enjoy an advantage in impact over male-authored articles,' according to 'Gender Disparity in Law Review Citation Rates,' a draft article posted on the Social Science Research Network. In looking at articles published in the top law reviews between 1990 and 2000, University of Richmond School of Law professor Christopher Cotropia and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles professor Lee Petherbridge found that for each citation of an male-written article, an article written by a woman was cited 1.3 times."


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