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Winter 2018

The Top 3 Tips for the 2 Critical Things to Meet Your #1 Goal

It seems every other article I see these days has a list of tips, directives, imperatives, or warnings that promise to make us more efficient, more detail oriented, happier, wealthier, harder working, healthier, more balanced, wildly successful, and at peace with ourselves.  I know what you are thinking:  you cannot possibly accomplish all of those things at once.  But I have the secret.  Read on and you shall see.

Tip #1:  Stay out of the Gym  

Early in the year, gyms are filled with all manner of people trying to get back in shape.  If you are lucky enough to find both a parking spot and an open elliptical machine, chances are the machine is the one that makes more noise than the brakes on the car I drove in high school.  Waiting around for an open piece of cardio equipment is an incredible waste of time.  Precious time you could be spending elsewhere.  And do not kid yourself; you will not make it there often enough to save money on your health insurance premium.  You may as well just take the money you would spend on the gym membership each month and light it on fire.  If you are not going to burn calories, you may as well burn something.

Tip #2:  Sleep Less

What if there were more hours in the day?  Well, there can be if you just borrow a few from the night.  Who needs that extra 4-5 hours of sleep when you can be up extra late or extra early doing work?  Clients and colleagues are particularly impressed with your work ethic when it is demonstrated by the 2:45 a.m. email.  Sleeping less also gives you more time to make a list of chores for your spouse, roommate, or children.  By doing this, you get to delegate – which in turns gives you more time – and you get the respect and praise of those that feel privileged to help.  Win – win. 

Tip #3:  Work Smarter, Not Harder

I don’t even really know what this means, but it always sounds great.  I would suggest you try it.

With these three tips, you can have two critical things:  more time and more money.  And since money clearly buys happiness and everyone’s number one goal is to have more happy times, you cannot go wrong.  

Ok, maybe this is not the best advice.  It is probably as useful to you as the many other articles that tell you how to be faster, smarter, and better looking – perhaps not useful at all unless you are reading for entertainment only.

In all seriousness, I hope that each of you is off to a great start in this new year.  If you are looking for some real advice on how to improve your practice, resolve to you check out the list of upcoming NAWL conferences and webinars.  If you are looking to network more this year, set a goal to join us in South Beach or Dallas or join a committee or affinity group.  If you are looking for advice on making the right financial choices, dial in to the March 20th Book club discussion.  If you want your organization or firm to have all that NAWL offers to empower your women lawyers, become a sponsor.

Whatever your goals or resolutions for 2018 (whether they include the gym or not), I hope you find a way to achieve them.


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