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The Road Not Taken: Hacked Silence

Celeste Harrison Forst writes, "I have enjoyed myself thoroughly this week reading the leaked emails of Sony executives, especially the emails where the executives think they are hilarious by sharing their bigotry and pettiness with each other like a perverse secret password.  I have smugly congratulated myself as new stories broke for my ability to maintain a minimal level of human decency in my professional communications. This story has provided a glorious amount of schadenfreude that allows me to feel superior to people I don’t know, but who make a lot more money than I do.

"Once my high of silent judgment on the Sony executives quieted, I thought a little more honestly about these events. I am certain I will never send a racist email thinking it is funny, I have received those emails. What have I, with my self-declared-superior morality, done with those emails? Nothing."


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