1 in 4 men think it's okay to expect sex from an employee, survey says

    By: Nor Attisha on Mar 09, 2018

    Michal Lev-Ram writes, “On this International Women’s Day, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate (such as a recharged conversation on women’s rights in Hollywood—thanks #MeToo!). But there are also plenty of causes for concern.

    Consider the following stats: Nearly a quarter of men across eight countries—an aggregate that includes the U.S.—think it’s acceptable for an employer to expect an employee to have sex with them, according to a new poll commissioned by the non-profit CARE. That’s just one of several mind-boggling findings from the recent survey, published today in honor of IWD and part of a new campaign from the Atlanta-based humanitarian organization (get ready for yet another hashtag: #ThisIsNotWorking).”


    Released: March 9, 2018, 2:41 pm
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