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At UT, Linda Chanow makes a place for women in law

Michael Barnes writes,When Linda Bray Chanow arrived at the University of Texas Law School eight years ago to lead UT’s Center for Women in Law, only one alumna was pictured on the stately walls of the school’s first floor, which serves as a sort of UT legal hall of fame.

“Alice Sheffield was in a place where many students didn’t see her,” Chanow remembers. “And she had given the law school $3.5 million. She was the school’s most generous benefactor up until 1985.”

Turns out that donor Sheffield enrolled at UT in 1914, earned her law degree there in 1918 and was the youngest woman certified to practice before the Texas Supreme Court. She began working for the Gulf Oil Corporation in 1925 and spent her long and successful career in its legal department, advancing to the role of associate general counsel.”


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