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Should statutes of limitations for rape be abolished?

Ruth Padawer writes, “Around 1 a.m. on a Saturday in 1993, a man sneaked into Donna and John Palomba’s house in Waterbury, Conn. John was away for a long weekend, and Donna and her two young children were asleep when she awoke to the sound of heavy footsteps. She remembers seeing a masked man and screaming. An instant later, he was on her, threatening to hurt her if she didn’t comply. He covered her head with a pillowcase, wrapped nylon stockings around her mouth and eyes, bound her hands behind her back, cut open her underpants and raped her. Right before he fled, she recalls him saying: “If you call the pigs, I’ll come back and kill you.”

Once he was gone, Palomba, who was 36, wriggled free. She ran to her children’s bedrooms to make sure her 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were unharmed; they were fast asleep. She grabbed the phone to call the police, but it was dead, as was the other house phone, though they had worked fine hours earlier.”

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