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Federal housing agency employee secretly taped director's sexual advances toward her

Yuki Noguchi writes, “An employee at the Federal Housing Finance Agency says that she secretly recorded conversations with director Melvin Watt that bolster her harassment, retaliation and equal-pay claims against Watt and the agency

In 2015, Simone Grimes had been filling two jobs — hers and one she had been promoted to. But she never got the pay increase she had been promised. That decision, she was told, would require the director to sign off.

"That's kind of when director Watt began his advances," Grimes says. "So he approached me at a few functions that were at work to say he believed there was an attraction between us that needed to be explored."

Grimes kept asking to have her pay match that of her predecessor. Each time, she was told the decision was Watt's. In May, Grimes filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and on Monday, she also filed a lawsuit against the housing agency for alleged violations of the Equal Pay Act.”



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