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O'Melveny will use online games to evaluate potential summer associates

Debra Cassens Weiss writes,"O’Melveny & Myers will be evaluating potential summer associates through online games that measure traits such as effort, attention, planning, memory and flexibility.

O’Melveny is using the games developed by neuroscientists at a company called Pymetrics, according to a press release and an American Lawyer article.

O’Melveny is building its own unique algorithm by having its own associates play the games. Pymetrics will build a success profile based on the results and then audit the algorithm to remove potential gender, racial or ethnic bias.

In December, O’Melveny will host calls to introduce Pymetrics to career-services personnel at schools where it conducts on-campus recruiting. Then in January, O’Melveny will make the Pymetrics tool available to any first-year law students interested in applying at the firm.

The goal is to broaden O’Melveny’s recruiting efforts and make those efforts as effective and unbiased as possible." 


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