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Google won’t disclose names of ‘sh*tty men in media’ list contributors

Claire Lampen writes in The Cut, "Writer, director, and alleged trash can man Stephen Elliott requested a frankly staggering amount of personal information from Google, pursuant his defamation lawsuit against Moira Donegan, creator of the “Shitty Men in Media” list. This week, Google responded with a gloriously hard pass.

The list was a Google sheet that circulated for a few hours in October 2017; during its brief existence, women anonymously catalogued their experiences of sexual misconduct by over 70 men in the book, magazine, and digital publishing industry. Elliott’s entry included allegations of rape, sexual harassment, coercion, and general sleaziness. He has denied all of this, penning a very long and very tiresome essay on Quillette entitled, “How an Anonymous Accusation Derailed My Life.” READ MORE>>

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