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Amazon, Bank of America and Facebook are under pressure to reveal their median gender pay gap

Jena McGregor writes in The Washington Post, "An activist investor group said Wednesday it is targeting 11 additional financial and tech firms — including Facebook, Google parent Alphabet, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America — urging them in new shareholder proposals to disclose an unfiltered and probably unflattering global gender pay gap statistic that few companies want to reveal.

The filings by Arjuna Capital, which could end up on investors’ proxy ballots this year, follow Citigroup’s surprise move to publish its figure after a proposal from Arjuna. The financial services giant said in January that its unadjusted global median pay for women is 29 percent less than it is for men, setting a bar that could pressure other companies to follow suit.

It also builds on a requirement now mandated in Britain that requires companies with more than 250 British workers to disclose data on median gender wage gaps in that country. Among the companies targeted, double-digit median pay gaps among British employees are common. In addition to the firms listed above, the campaign is also asking Adobe, Amazon, Intel, Wells Fargo, MasterCard and American Express to provide the figure. (Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.) READ MORE>>

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