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Gender pay gap grows at hundreds of big firms

Eleanor Lawrie and Clara Guibourg write in BBC News, "The BBC looked at a company's median pay gap - that is the difference in pay between the middle-ranking woman and the middle-ranking man.This is different to unequal pay - paying women less than men for the same work - which is illegal. Big firms with a wider pay gap include Kwik Fit, Npower and Virgin Atlantic. Only about 10% of employers have reported their latest figures so far, ahead of the 4 April deadline for the private sector. Of those 1,146 companies, the hourly median gender pay gap reported is 8.4% - a slight improvement from 9.7% last year.

Of the companies that had reported by the morning of 19 February:

  • 74% report a pay gap which favours men
  • 14% have a pay gap favouring women
  • 12% report no pay gap.

"Closing the gender pay gap is not a quick fix, and employers may take time to see their gap close as they implement long term action plans," the Government Equalities Office said in a statement. READ MORE>>

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