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Google eliminating controversial forced arbitration practice

Sara Ashley O'Brien wrties in CNN Business, "Google is eliminating its controversial practice of forced arbitration for employees. The company confirmed to CNN Business that it will no longer require current or future employees to handle complaints against the company through an arbitration forum, instead of going to court. The policy change will become effective on March 21 and will apply to all employees around the world. Forcing workers into arbitration over workplace misconduct and other claims is an employment practice that's been gaining more attention in the Me Too era. The agreements, which are often signed as a condition of employment, make it so an employee can't sue the company or participate in class action lawsuits against it. Complaints are instead brought through arbitration, a sort of alternative legal system, with the company. Critics of the agreements argue they help companies keep issues ranging from sexual violence to racial and age discrimination quiet. The news follows a November announcement that Google would no longer force employees with sexual assault or harassment claims into arbitration. Other companies like Uber, Lyft and Facebook have similarly gotten rid of the practice for sexual assault and harassment claims.

The initial policy update did not apply to all discrimination claims as the new one does. READ MORE>>
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