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Textio's new tool will take the words right out of your mouth—and maybe improve them

Michael Lev-Ram writes in Fortune, "Words matter, and they often matter in different ways to different people. That’s why, for the past five years, text analytics startup Textio has studied—and helped to augment—the way companies in search of more diverse candidates communicate with prospective hires. Now, the company is launching a new product that takes that mission one step further.

Corporations from Nvidia to McDonald’s have used Textio’s original tech to change up their job listings in the hopes of attracting a wider pipeline. The company’s existing tool, called Textio Hire, makes predictions about how the text of an employer’s prospective job description will “compete for talent” in real time, and offers alternative words that it says are statistically proven to appeal to more people. One of the startup’s findings, for example, is that using the word “synergy” in a job description has a negative impact on people of color, while “alignment” has a more positive effect." READ MORE>>

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