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CHRO, Yale Law students unveil workplace guidelines for pregnant women

Robert Storace writes in Connecticut Law Tribune, "The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities teamed with law students from Yale University Tuesday afternoon to unveil new pregnancy guidelines for employers and employees.

Organizers joined two state legislators who have worked on the issue of pregnancy rights in the workplace for a press conference at the Legislative Office Building. They said the new guidelines are meant to provide working women with accommodations at work during their pregnancy and when they need to take time off.

The new accommodations include: being permitted to sit or eat while working; more frequent or longer breaks; assistance with manual labor; light duty or desk-duty assignments; modified work schedules, including but not limited to the option to work from home or remotely; moving a workstation to permit the movement or stretching of extremities or to be closer to the bathroom; and time off to attend prenatal or postnatal appointments.

In addition, the new blueprint, which takes effect immediately, also states employees might request a reasonable leave of absence due to a disability resulting from pregnancy. Limitations, the guidelines say, typically give rise to a need for six weeks following a vaginal delivery and eight weeks following a cesarean section. The new guidelines say that “an employee has the right to take more or less of a reasonable leave of absence if needed.” READ MORE>>

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