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Minding the Gap … in Equality

Amy Carlson Gustafson writes in University of St. Thomas Newsroom, "Nine years ago, the Minnesota Women Lawyers organization created a Parity Task Force to evaluate the position of women lawyers in the state.

The task force (which eventually morphed into the Minnesota Women Lawyers Equity Committee) wanted to identify barriers to parity and come up with effective methods to overcome those barriers, but it was important to determine a baseline number of women in Minnesota’s legal profession. The group’s 2014 Gender Data Project found 63 percent of lawyers registered in Minnesota were male and 37 percent were female. The 2019 Follow-Up Report saw a slight uptick with men at 61 percent and women at 39 percent.

“The 2014 study was groundbreaking in providing the first-ever baseline number of female attorneys in the state of Minnesota,” the report stated." READ MORE>>

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