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In a fast-paced, high tech and noisy world, how do you stay true to your brand?

Deirdre Breakenridge writes on LinkedIn, "Staying true to my brand was a question I had to answer early on in my career. It sounds like such a simple question. But, I remember as a young professional it wasn’t that easy. I shared a story in my book, Answers for Modern Communicators, about my experience working for a company when I was a few years out of college. In all of my years of agency work, it was the only time I landed an in-house job doing PR and events. At the time, the company leadership wanted me to dress a certain way. As a matter of fact, they wanted me to look a certain way too, by using their makeup brand and skincare products. They also wanted me to have an avant-guard hairstyle. If you knew me, then seeing me with super short, red hair and orange-ish eye shadow clearly was not my brand." READ MORE>>

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