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Repeat auction sales of art by women on the rise

Abby Shultz writes in Penta, "Repeat auction sales of art tracked by Sotheby’s Mei Moses unit in the last six years show prices for works by female artists have risen dramatically faster than works by men. 

Sotheby’s Mei Moses’s All Art-Female index rose by 72.9% between 2012 and 2018. In other words, “a work by a female artist bought in 2012 would, on average, be worth 72.9% more if sold in 2018,” the firm said in a report released by Art Agency, Partners, Thursday morning.

The All Art-Male index rose by only 8.3% in the same time frame. That’s a drastically different result than the previous 50 years, when repeat sales of both male and female artists moved roughly in tandem, says Michael Klein, head of Sotheby’s Mei Moses, a firm that tracks the art market through repeat auction sales of more than 63,000 objects." READ MORE>>

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Repeat auction sales of art by women on the rise