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One surprising thing pushing women into high-paying fields

Jillian Berman writes, "Women are more likely to enter male-dominated fields during a shaky economy, suggesting that the lack of women in technology, engineering, computer science and other high-paying fields may have more to do with how women view their abilities and less to do with their actual abilities. Women are more likely to choose majors in high-paying sectors, like business, engineering and computer-related fields during times of economic downturn, according to a study published this month by the Institute for the Study of Labor. It’s perhaps not surprising that college students would pick higher-paying, more practical majors during a recession, but that doesn’t explain the whole shift in majors for women, said Brian Cadena, an economist at the University of Colorado and one of the authors of the paper. Instead, a downturn may change womens’ mind-sets about what fields to consider."  READ MORE>>

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