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More than their mothers, young women plan career pauses

Claire Cain Miller writes, "Beginning in college, years before she planned to have children, Yi Gu began strategizing about how to have a career that was flexible enough to fit in family responsibilities.

She knew that arrangement wasn’t realistic in her first two jobs: banking, in which she worked very long hours, or consulting, in which she traveled often. Instead, she saw those as preparation for the more flexible job she took last year at age 31, in strategy at a major pharmacy company. She became pregnant soon after.

'The definition of work-life balance keeps on changing,' she said. 'Out of business school, not being married and not having kids, anything less than 80 hours a week to me was balanced. Then in consulting, it was if I traveled or had time during the week to hang out with friends. Now with a kid, the definition has changed again.'"  READ MORE>>

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