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5 Things every woman needs to know before her salary negotiation

Caroline Ghosn writes, "As a result of the pay gap, the average American woman will lose $430,480 over the course of her career. Take a moment and think about how much money that is: It is the kind of cash that can erase student debt, pay for specialized cancer treatment, or buy a dream home.

And that massive earnings gap is happening despite the fact that there are more women in the workforce than ever before, and despite the fact that women now have more advanced degrees than men.

Not to worry, though, because millennials have no fear and are working aggressively to close this gap, right? Wrong. According to a recent survey of millennial women, 63% felt uncomfortable negotiating, 58% were afraid of losing their job or offer, 56% didn’t know what to ask for, and 51% didn’t know that they should be negotiating.

We need to change the way we women feel about negotiation. Walking into an office and asking for a raise or more responsibility is no easy feat, but knowing when and how to do it is essential."


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