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The American Lawyer Writes About NAWL's National Survey Report

In her article "Female Equity Partnership Rate Is Up! (Just Kidding)." Vivia Chen, The Careerist, writes, "The National Association of Women Lawyers's (sic) report on the status of women in the legal profession is out. And I thought I finally found something to cheer about: The female equity partner rate is now 17 percent! That's a two percent increase since NAWL's last report in October, 2012. I was so excited I emailed some of the honchos at NAWL to ask them why the report didn't make a big fuss about that uptick. Here's the cold water: "I'm not sure that's that meaningful," NAWL president Deborah Froling, a partner at Arent Fox, told me. "It's been around 15 to 17 percent for a while now."

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