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Sexism is a problem for us, Angela Merkel’s CDU party admits

From the Guardian: "A leader of the German chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party has admitted that it has a problem with sexism in its ranks, after a female politician spoke out about vulgar and belittling comments.

Peter Tauber, the general secretary of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper that remarks made public by Berlin CDU politician Jenna Behrends were not an isolated incident.

'I hear about stories like these again and again, but without names. That makes it hard to do anything about it,' Tauber said. 'We need a new sensitivity in all areas of society because sexism is not just a problem in politics.'

Behrends, 26, made national headlines last week when she spoke out against gender discrimination in the CDU, saying a member of the Berlin city-state’s government had called her a 'big sweet mouse' in front of a group of people.

She said the same official asked another member of the party, using offensive language, whether he was having a sexual relationship with Behrends. She told Bild that she had received 'a lot of positive feedback' for coming forward."


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