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This is the big problem stalling global gender equality

Claire Zillman writes, "It appears that the world’s march toward gender equality hit a roadblock this year.

A new study of 144 countries published Tuesday by the World Economic Forum found that measures of the overall gender gap—women’s health, education, economic participation and opportunity, and political advancement compared to men’s—improved in 68 nations, but worsened in 74, making 2016 'an ambiguous year for global gender parity, with uneven progress at best,' according to the report. (The remaining two countries are new to this year’s report.)

One big reason for that stagnation is the anemic growth in women’s labor force participation rate, which has ebbed worldwide. 'Consistently, in the last three years, the rate of change is slowing down, and that’s starting to show up in economic gender parity numbers,' says Saadia Zahidi, head of employment and gender initiatives at the WEF."


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