How celebrating small wins can transform a company

    By: Clair Fuller on Jun 12, 2017

    Judy Marks writes, "I’ve been the 'new boss' many times now during my career, and have a principle that has guided me through every transition: The best way to build trust with employees is to prove that you, the boss, trust them.

    Here are three ways I’ve applied this principle over the past 30-plus years working for global U.S. businesses:

    1. Ask for help

    I started my career at IBM’s former federal systems division. I was a systems engineer, and after a few years there, I was given the opportunity to manage a department I had been working in. We specialized in product support.

    This was a fascinating challenge. Up until that point, I had been focused on my own work and assignments. Now, I had to get work done through others and learn how to delegate. Plus, I had to do that with colleagues who were far more experienced and older than me.

    At first it seemed like a recipe for disaster, but I quickly saw it was the opposite. I just had to accept that it was okay not to be the smartest person in the room. And as I came to terms with this, I realized how lucky I was: I saw that I was surrounded by people who could teach me how to be a strong leader. I went to the most senior, experienced employees and asked them for guidance. I was the boss, yet they were the mentors. That really helped show me the way."


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