Watch Sen. Amy Klobuchar joke about the time she was publicly mistaken for Al Franken's wife

    By: Clair Fuller on Oct 16, 2017

    Claire Zillman writes, "Klobuchar, a Democrat, won her office in 2006, becoming the first woman elected to represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. Her decade-long tenure also makes her the state’s senior senator. Her junior counterpart is fellow Democrat Al Franken, the one-time comedian and Saturday Night Live performer, who won office in a 2008 election.

    Franken’s past career as a comedy writer and actor makes him one of the Senate’s most recognizable figures, so traveling with him—Klobuchar told the Summit—often means encountering enthusiastic fans who are unaware of Klobuchar’s own track record.


    An especially memorable instance of mistaken identity occurred one night as Klobuchar and Franken boarded a Delta flight from Washington, D.C., to Minnesota.

    '[T]he plane was filled with Minnesotans, but the flight crew was from Atlanta,' Klobuchar said on Monday. '[The] flight attendant was very exuberant, and she gets on the microphone and says, ‘Everyone, we have celebrities on the plane! Mr. and Mrs. Al Franken!''

    The plane erupted with laughter, Klobuchar said, as Franken told the flight attendant that Klobuchar was actually the other senator from Minnesota.

    Klobuchar explains what happens next: 'The flight attendant gets back on the microphone and says, ‘How cool is this, husband and wife senators!''"


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