We need to do the math on sexual harassment at work

    By: Kelsey Vuillemot on Dec 11, 2017

    Ellen McGirt writes, "The world wakes to another shocking revelation: Matt Lauer has been fired from his job as anchor of NBC’s The Today Show.

    According to reports, NBC News received a detailed complaint alleging inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace on Monday night. Lauer has been associated with the show since 1997. And then, he was gone.

    According to CNN, the move was not a complete surprise. Many people knew that several outlets, including The New York Times, were working on in-depth investigations of Lauer’s behavior. 'For the last two months, @EWagmeister and I have been reporting on a story about serious sexual harassment allegations against Lauer,' tweeted Ramin Setoodeh, the New York Bureau Chief from Variety. 'There were multiple victims.'

    It is a public blow to one of NBC’s most valuable franchises. But along with the shock comes a public unwinding of Lauer’s work which, to many, now seems suspect after the fact."


    Released: December 11, 2017, 11:52 am
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