Another biglaw firm targeted by Harvard law school students over mandatory arbitration agreements

    By: Asha Smith on Feb 08, 2019

    Kathryn Rubino writes in Above the Law, "Biglaw firms that employ mandatory arbitration agreements as a condition of employment have been put on notice — law school student activists are coming for you. Harvard Law student activists, organized as the Pipeline Parity Project, have made it their mission to take down firms that require employees to arbitrate employment issues. The group has already targeted Kirkland & Ellis and DLA Piper (with Kirkland reversing course on the issue) and now their sights are set on a firm they claim has been deceptive about their arbitration stance.

    This morning, Pipeline Parity Project (PPP) launched #DumpVenable. In response to a survey sent on behalf of T14 law schools, Venable said the incoming summer associate class would not have to sign mandatory arbitration agreements. However, according to an email obtained by PPP and sent only a few weeks after their survey response, the firm reversed course. The firmwide email, from partner G. Stewart Webb, Jr., announced a change in the firm’s arbitration position, stating, “The Firm has adopted a Mandatory Arbitration Provision that will be applicable to all Venable Personnel.” READ MORE>>

    Released: February 8, 2019, 8:32 am
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