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State of California et al v. Little Sisters of the Poor Amicus Brief

NAWL has signed on in support of the American Association of University Women's amicus brief concerning State of California et al., v Little Sister of the Poor Read the brief>>

The brief, on behalf of female employees and students throughout the country,  asks the court to uphold the preliminary injunction enjoining implementation of the Final Exemption Rules in the Appellee states.

The brief highlights that if the preliminary injunction is overturned, women across the United States are at risk of being adversely and irreparably harmed. The repercussions of losing coverage of safe, reliable, no-cost contraception are not just monetary. Women’s physical and emotional health, educational opportunities, and professional advancement all depend upon consistent, uninterrupted coverage for prescription contraceptives. The loss of no-cost contraceptive coverage—even for only a few months—will have immediate, irreparable consequences for American women’s professional and educational advancement as well as their and their families’ well-being. 

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