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Whole Woman's Health Amicus Brief

The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), an organization dedicated to the empowering women in the legal profession and the advancement of rights of women overall and women lawyers, has signed on in support of the National Women’s Law Center’s amicus brief concerning Whole Woman's Health v. Cole.  Read the brief>>

Whole Woman's Health v. Cole challenges parts of Texas’s clinic shutdown law, which imposes medically unnecessary, burdensome requirements on abortion providers and clinics. If the law is upheld, all but 10 clinics in the second largest state in the country will be forced to close, threatening women’s ability to make personal decisions about their lives, health, and futures.

The amicus brief highlights the crucial role access to abortion plays in women’s equality and economic security.  The amicus brief will focus on how the right to abortion is essential to women’s dignity and equality, and how abortion restrictions like HB 2 infringe on that right, specifically examining the negative effect of such restrictions on women’s economic security and opportunities, which compounds and entrenches existing inequalities.

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