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CLE Materials

Diversity Matters: How Men and Women Can Work Together to Make Change

2018 NAWL Survey on the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms, National Association of Women Lawyers
MCCA's 18th Annual General Counsel Survey, Minority Corporate Counsel Association

Women in the Judiciary

Some Reflections on Women in the Judiciary, Rosalie E. Wahl, 4 Law & Inequality, 153 (1986)
Women in Robes, Sital Kalantry, Americas Quarterly (Summer 2012)
More Women in the Judiciary Means Justice for All, Tiffany deGruy, American Bar Association Practice Points (2016)
Maps of Representation of United States State Court Women Judges, National Association of Women Judges

Get Invited to the Table: Becoming a Trusted Advisor


The Fight for Passage of the ERA

ERA Coalition Brief>>
The Equal Rights Amendment: Advocacy, Litigation, and the 38th State by Linda Coberly, with research provided by Liza Velazquez (January 2019)

Selma and the Supremes

Brown's Longest-Lasting Legacy: Judges, Scott Schafer, KQED News California Report
Survey: California Bench Continues to Grow More Diverse, Blaine Corren, California Courts Newsroom