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Conversations on Change

Finding Freedom From Anxiety

Wednesday, April 21, 1-2 PM EST

Wendy Tamis Robbins is Senior Counsel at Holland & Knight LLP with over 20 years of experience in corporate tax and social impact financing. She also has over 40 years of experience with anxiety, panic attack, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Along with these disorders came bouts with phobias, eating disorders, dissociation, suicide ideation, and depression. She has written a new memoir chronicling her journey to find freedom from her mental health illness in the upcoming book The Box: An Invitation to Freedom From Anxiety (Release Date: May 25).

In this conversation, Wendy will discuss how she managed her disorders through an Ivy League college and law school and while navigating her legal career. She will also share wellness tips and techniques on how to manage both your daily stressors and triggers and more chronic anxiety, including meditations, nutrition, and mindfulness. Finally, she will tell us her secret to turning anxiety into your superpower.

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