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Wednesday, March 9, 2022


Wine Pairings for the Real World
Join us in kicking off NAWL's 2022 Mid-Year Meeting a day early with this fun, quirky wine pairings virtual event! Vanessa Price, author of national bestseller Big Macs & Burgundy, will take us through the perfect wines (and non-alcoholic options) to pair with everyday unfancy treats. For everyone who registered before February 11, snacks will be provided in the box of goodies mailed to you ahead of the conference.

    Vanessa Price, Founder, Vinum Co. and Author, Big Macs & Burgundy

Thursday, March 10, 2022


Reproductive Rights: The Basis of Democracy, Equality for Women Around the World
Women's rights are human rights, and access to reproductive healthcare is a right that strikes at the core of equality and autonomy. The Committee of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women specifies that the right of a woman or girl to make decisions about her reproductive functions is “at the very core of her fundamental right to equality and privacy.” However, in some countries’ laws criminalize women who seek abortions, penalize young girls for becoming pregnant, or are grappling with high incidences of maternal mortality due to failures to implement policies to promote women’s health. Join us for this program where panelists will discuss the state of current movement, laws, and relevant jurisprudence globally on the rights of girls and women to access the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare. This panel of experts will provide insight into recent victories and on-going challenges for access to care around the world.    

    Onyema Afulukwe, Associate Direct of New Initiatives, Global Legal Programs, Center for Reproductive  Rights  
    Prabina Bajracharya, Senior Manager, Asia, Global Legal Program, Center for Reproductive Rights 
    Elida Caballero Cabrera, Director, Campaigns and Advocacy and Programs, Women’s Equality Center 
    Moderator: Merryl Lawry-White, Associate, Debevoise & Plimpton

BREAK  |  1:15 PM - 1:30 PM ET

You are welcome to use this time for a break but we have also used these 15 minutes to provide a networking opportunity with NAWL's Affinity Groups and fellow attendees. The NAWL Affinity Groups available to connect with during this break are:

Bankruptcy & Restructuring: The Bankruptcy & Restructuring Affinity Group allows new and seasoned bankruptcy lawyers to mentor and network with other women who share the same interests. We strive to provide a resource to our group members, especially since the restructuring industry (which includes lawyers, bankers, and other advisors) is historically male-dominated.

Compliance: This Affinity Group connects and serves as a resource for women who currently practice, or are interested in practicing in compliance, either in-house or in private practice. Women are frequently serving in the Chief Compliance Officer role, which can be a great training ground for a step into a General Counsel role. In this group we will share experiences and strategies for being successful in a compliance role or serving as advisor to those in a compliance role as well as discuss issues and challenges that women may face. 

Intellectual Property & Tech Law: The IP and Technology Affinity Group focuses on cutting edge technology law issues and recent intellectual property judicial decisions. We hope to create a community of IP and technology attorneys who can learn from, and be a resource for, each other.

Start-Ups: The Women in Start-Ups Affinity Group serves as a forum and resource for women attorneys practicing as in-house counsel or firm lawyers advising startup companies of any size. Join this amazing group of women to discuss the broad range of issues affecting a start-up practice, learn about new laws and regulations impacting start-ups, and network with other like-minded professionals to expand your existing network 

Women Revolutionizing Retirement: The Women Revolutionizing Retirement (WRR) Affinity Group is committed to supporting and engaging NAWL attorneys who are thinking about and exploring post-practice opportunities as well as already living their “third thirty.” It serves as a safe and comfortable space for candid conversation, for building friendships, and for sharing interests, resources and lessons-learned. The group currently has cohort groups focusing on writing, traveling and caregiving. 

Young Women Lawyers: This Affinity Group provides professional development and networking opportunities for attorneys who are new to the practice of law or re-joining the legal profession. This year, we will be hosting events that connect and offer support to our members, exploring topics such as career advancement, networking during a pandemic, and maintaining a work/life balance as a new lawyer.

NETWORKING  |  1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET

Applying Stagecraft Techniques to Lawyering in a Hybrid World 
Join lawyer and actor Peter Bensinger for a fun and interactive session to build skills to stand out on camera and in person! This is a great opportunity to network!

            Peter Bensinger, Jr., Retired Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP and Former Actor


Professional Agility (NAWL is not seeking CLE credit for this session)
This workshop is a discussion with the following panelists who have proven to be agile in the pursuit of non-legal leadership roles in both small and large business formats.

    Kristin Ashurst, General Counsel, Peet's Coffee
    Angel Gomez, Founder, Angel Gomez Consulting
    James T. McLaughlin, Jr.
, President & CEO, Intelligentsia Coffee
    Susan Sneider
, Principal, New Vistas Consulting
Moderator: Effie Silva, Global Ethics & Compliance Director, Cargill

Be Cyber Smart: Navigating Emerging Cyber Risks
This panel will address a number of topics associated with cyber risk including ransomware attacks, data breach response, and cybersecurity governance. Panelists will also discuss cyber insurance that will include an explanation of the coverages provided by of cyber insurance coverage, highlight potential gaps in coverage, and discus how policy language is changing as the cyber risk landscape continues to evolve.

    Daniel J. Fortune, Partner, Bradley
  Michelle M. Gallardo, Senior Director, Senior Counsel - Global Data Privacy, Data Security and Compliance, Harman International Industries, Inc.
    Laurie A. Kamaiko, Partner, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
    John Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Syneos Health
    Moderator: Heather Wright, Partner, Bradley

Friday, March 11, 2022

PLENARY SESSION  | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

The Way You Say It Matters 
This panel will be a robust discussion on language in the workplace and how words (both how the spoken and the content of the words) impact diversity and inclusion and practical tips on consciously including inclusive language. 

    Dr. Becky Butler, Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Shijuade Kadree, Director of Diversity Strategy, Snap, Inc.
    Sandra Yamate
, CEO, Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession

BREAK  |  1:00 PM - 1:15 PM ET

You are welcome to use this time for a break but we have also used these 15 minutes to provide a networking opportunity with NAWL's Affinity Groups and fellow attendees. The NAWL Affinity Groups available to connect with during this break are:

Corporate Transactions: The Corporate Transactions Affinity Group connects women lawyers whose practice is focused on transactions and mergers and acquisitions in order to advance our professional growth, expand our networks and to stay up-to-date on various legal developments related to corporate law, corporate finance, and securities. Some of us are specialists in mergers and acquisitions, project finance, securities, or corporate restructuring while others are some combination and/or commercial generalists or practitioners in adjacent fields. 

Fashion Law: The NAWL Fashion Affinity Group organizes regular call where we discuss emerging topics and issues in the fashion industry, highlighting various news articles and short member presentations. We frequently organize CLE programs and have organized a two-part diversity, equity and inclusion CLE program to highlight DEI initiatives and challenges in the fashion industry. We also feature a book club selection in one of our upcoming regular member calls, to discuss the non-fiction book and recent docudrama, House of Gucci.  

Litigation: The Litigation Affinity Group is designed to build connection among women litigators who practice across the country. Our meetings are a mix of skill tips and networking. During this break time, we will share some information about the group and hear more about the interests of attendees.

International Arbitration: We recently launched the Women in IA Affinity Group and are thrilled to connect with other women lawyers practicing in this exciting and dynamic area of the law. Our aim is to share resources, collaborate, and ultimately promote women, as practitioners and arbitrators, in the IA space. As a new Affinity Group, we hope to meet other NAWL members who are interested in sharing their experiences with international arbitration or in learning more. 

Military Services & Government Services: The NAWL Women in Military and Government Service Practice Area Affinity Group welcomes all current and former military members, military families, those who serve as federal or state government employees, or anyone interested in these practice areas.  During the Mid-Year break, we will use our time to talk about the work of Save Our Allies (Save Our Allies – SaveOurAllies) an organization dedicated to rescuing United States citizens and allies in Afghanistan.  

Real Estate: How can you take your involvement in NAWL and in the real estate industry to the next level? Check out NAWL Women in Real Estate Law affinity group, where you’ll meet and engage with fun, smart real estate lawyers to share tips and experiences, learn about new and emerging real estate topics and network in a personal smaller group setting. 


Advancement, Benefits, and Compensation: A Practical Toolkit for Self-Advocacy
This workshop will provide attendees with an in-depth look at new and emerging options and opportunities offered by corporations and firms that are designed to promote self-growth, fulfillment, and advancement, and provide methods and guideposts for attendees to use in seeking out and negotiating for those opportunities.  The panel will include presenters with proven backgrounds in financial planning, benefit management, and career advancement who will not only discuss monetary and nonmonetary benefits that are possible, but how to advocate for those benefits in order to create a path for personal and professional advancement. 

    Wendy Chow, General Counsel, Cityblock Health
    Emily High Daniels, Financial Advisor
Debbie Tang, Partner, Bridge Partners
Moderator: Allison Stevenson, Attorney, Hill Ward Henderson

Let's Talk Burnout: Practical Tips for Avoiding It & Staying Productive
This workshop is a conversation and tips on how to balance productivity with our ever-increasing busyness without burning out.

    Jennifer Fairbairn Deal, Life Coach, Jenn Deal Coaching
    Angela Han, Senior Corporate Counsel, HealthPRO Heritage
    Jennifer Thibodaux
, Senior Legal Editor, Thomson Reuters Practical Law and Founder, JMT Speaks, LLC

BREAK  |  2:15 PM - 2:30 PM ET


Inspired Leadership: How to Motivate, Succeed & Shine Brightly Together
This high-energy, interactive presentation focuses on building your leadership, empowerment, and inspirational muscles to maximize the performance, passion, and resilience of you, your colleagues and the additional members of your law practice. You will learn tangible strategies you can use to immediately effect positive change, including:

  • Maximizing performance by utilizing key high-performance tools, including clearly defining success, providing and receiving constructive feedback, proactively forward-thinking, and effectively holding others accountable;
  • Strengthening internal relationships amongst colleagues and external relationships with current and prospective clients and the community by creating a positive mindset wherein everyone with whom you come into contact is defined as a “customer” and experiences your highest level of respect, professionalism and grace; intentionally listening to the needs of your clients and community; and pivoting and adjusting to meet such needs and capitalize on new and changing market opportunities; and
  • Utilizing sophisticated time management techniques to maximize revenues and increase work product, including advanced goal-setting, strategic communications, heightened organization, and shifting from a reactive to a proactive mindset.

    Melanie S. Griffin, Secretary, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation