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3L Mentorship Program

***Registration for the 2017 - 2019 Program is now closed. Check back for upcoming program details***

2017-2019 Program

NAWL’s 3L Mentorship Program creates an opportunity for experienced attorneys to provide professional advice, encouragement, and support to female law students beginning in their final year of law school and continuing throughout their first year of practice. The program is designed to foster the next generation of female attorneys by helping students to navigate the often confusing transition from law school into their first year of practice.

The 3L Mentorship Program connects experienced female lawyers with third year female law students in Chicago and New York. 

Mentors and mentees participating in this program are encouraged to have significant contact with one another through electronic and telephonic communications, in addition to quarterly in-person meetings. Upon finishing the requirements of the two-year program, all participants will receive a certificate of completion.

The mentorship cycle will begin in October 2017 and continue through the August 2019.


Serve as a mentor and help guide the next generation of female attorneys! Whether you are a solo practitioner, an attorney at a law firm, government agency, non-profit, or a corporate legal department, you will benefit from serving as a mentor.

NAWL will make every effort to ensure that interested mentors are matched with mentees; however, a match is not guaranteed.

Mentor Qualifications

✔ Practiced law for five years or more
✔ Never suspended or disbarred in any jurisdiction
✔ Currently living and/or working in Chicago or New York City


Looking to grow your professional network and receive practical advice as you transition from law school to fulltime practice? Sign-up for NAWL's 3L Mentorship Program! No matter your interest area, you will benefit from this one of a kind mentoring relationship!

NAWL will make every effort to ensure that interested third year law students in the designated cities are matched with mentors; however, a mentor match is not guaranteed.

Mentee Qualifications

✔ Currently a third-year law student at an ABA accredited law school in Chicago or New York City
✔ Current NAWL Member (Apply for your free law student membership here)
✔ Anticipated graduation date in 2018