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The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL)® is a national voluntary legal professional organization devoted to promoting the interests and progress of women lawyers and women’s legal rights. Founded in 1899, long before most local and national bar associations admitted women, NAWL has historically served as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession.

NAWL continues to support and advance the interests of women in and under the law. Today, members of NAWL represent all areas of legal expertise: public and private sectors; for-profit and not-for-profit; and large and small organizations. Through its programs and network, NAWL provides the tools for women in the profession to advance and prosper in their own careers while also enriching the profession.

By becoming a Member of NAWL, you unite with women and men throughout the United States to advocate for women in the legal profession. We invite you to join others who, like you, are proud to be engaged in the practice of law and wish to work together to support the social, political, and professional empowerment of women in the law.

Member benefits include:

Access to career development and continuing legal education programs at reduced member rates. Programs include regional and national seminars designed to provide women lawyers with the skills and resources needed for long-term careers, including signature events like our Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon, Mid-Year Meeting & Awards Luncheon, and General Counsel Institute.

Opportunities to Build a National Network via programs that bring women together, both nationally and internationally, opening doors to an array of business development opportunities.

Leadership Development through NAWL committees, affiliations, and strategic partnerships. There are ample opportunities for members to develop and exercise leadership skills.

Advocacy via NAWL's Amicus Committee, which reviews requests for participation as amicus curiae in cases of interest to NAWL members. A sampling of recent issues includes enforcement of Title IX, employment discrimination, women's health, and domestic violence issues.

Community Outreach through Nights of Giving. Throughout each year NAWL hosts a series of philanthropic networking events across the country to support organizations whose mission is to empower women and children.

Continued Learning with the Women Lawyers Journal®. This national publication provides a forum for the exchange of information and presentation of articles about women in the law and society.


     Individual Membership Types    

Regular Member:


Law Student & First-Year Associate:
Complimentary membership is available for current law students for lawyers in their first year of practice.


Junior Lawyer Member
Discounted membership is available for lawyers in their second through fifth years of practice.


Government or Non-Profit Attorney Member
Discounted membership is available for attorneys practicing in the government or at a non-profit organization.


Solo/Small Firm/Legal Department Attorney Member:
Discounted membership is available for solo practitioners or attorneys working in small firms or small corporate legal departments (10 attorneys or fewer).



Attorney with a NAWL Institutional Member:
Discounted membership is available for attorneys whose law firm, corporation, or organization is an institutional member of NAWL.  See if your organization is an Institutional Member.


Attorney with a NAWL Sustaining Sponsor: 

Complimentary membership is available for attorneys whose law firm, corporation, or organization is a NAWL sustaining sponsor.  See if your organization is a Sustaining Sponsor



Sustaining Member:
Sustaining Members help NAWL provide and improve our programs and services for our members.


Lifetime Member:
One-time payment for a lifetime of membership; available to attorneys with at least seven years of membership.


For more information or to renew, please contact NAWL at or 312.988.6186. 

NAWL's association year runs from August 1 to July 31. 

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Support and sustain NAWL by becoming an Individual Member today and help continue to pave the way for successful women lawyers!