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Conversations on Change

Tackling Transition!

Wednesday, January 27, 1-2 PM EST

During this past year, we have all had to make many difficult changes especially in the ways we are doing things in our professional lives. Most of us, by necessity, have been speed-walking through these changes focusing largely on the tasks we need to do to survive.

 As we move into 2021, it can be valuable to attempt to untangle 2020 by taking some time to intentionally examine the full impact of these changes on our lives,  to emotionally realign, and to choose a path forward. To not only change but transition.

You need not do it alone. Join your NAWL friends at our next Conversations about Change to hear the transition stories of three outstanding women lawyers. Through an interactive discussion of our shared experiences, we will glean lessons learned and how they might be applied to your own transition.

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